Help Us Translate DiVOC—Push To Talk

As at other Chaos events, many talks at DiVOC—Push To Talk are going to be simultaneously translated from English to German (and vice-versa). Because talks cover such a huge array of topics, we like to prepare a glossary for each talk. If you’re speaking at the congress, you can really help us out by submitting any documents that can help us prepare a glossary, such as presentation slides or a manuscript.

To get started, choose your talk from the list below.

"Na und, ich habe doch nichts zu verbergen?" - mit Bildern den Datenschutz einfach und zielgruppengerecht erklären

cyber4EDU · No files uploaded

Betrieb und Modifikationen einer eigenen Compiler-Explorer Instanz

pseyfert · 4 files uploaded 3 comments

Breadboard to Printed Circuit Board - Bring your ideas

Jadyn · No files uploaded 1 comment


N.N. · No files uploaded

Connection, Resistance and Autonomy in Peripherics Communities

Debora Leal, Javi · 2 files uploaded 2 comments

Erlebnisse eines KRITIS Prüfers

HonkHase · 1 file uploaded

Hacker eG Camp Bridge

ajuvo, L3D · No files uploaded

Hacker Jeopardy

N.N. · No files uploaded

How (some) biohackers tackle the COVID19 pandemic - an example

sun · 1 file uploaded 1 comment

Ist das Kunst oder ist das nur schön?

Contenna · No files uploaded

Kleines Orgelpfeifen-Update

Benjamin Wand · 2 files uploaded 1 comment

Monitoring häufiger Brutvögel - Auswertung mit QGIS

coco · 1 file uploaded 1 comment


N.N. · No files uploaded

Posthuman clade : a new birth

tauan · No files uploaded

Warum momentan Lernvideos auf YouTube durch die Decke gehen?

Alexander Stöger · No files uploaded